© Jesse & Jason Pearson   

© Jesse & Jason Pearson


Jason & Jesse Pearson



FAREWELL TOUR is the first monograph from photographers Jason & Jesse Pearson.

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About Jason & Jesse Pearson

Jesse and Jason are identical twin brothers and collaborative artists who work under the moniker Dick and Wayne. They use photography and drawing to navigate shared experiences and to create narratives existing between fact and fiction based on their memories, family history, and desires and fantasies from adolescence to adulthood. The Pearsons grew up hunting with their father, and they learned about animal sexuality, human survival, and the dynamic of predator and prey at a young age. Jesse and Jason compare their artistic process to hunting, in that they allow themselves to shoot whatever image they desire of their subjects. The resulting images create the depiction (and in some cases exploitation) of an element of male culture that is both beautiful and grotesque. 

Born in rural Minnesota, Jesse and Jason completed BFA degrees in photography at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design, MN (2002). Jesse completed an MFA in photography at the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque (2006), and Jason completed an MFA in photography at Syracuse University, NY (2007).

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